Week 4

Monday - Team assembly

Congratulations to Phoenix Vowles and Ana Tuipea in Tumanako 12. You two have worked extremely hard for the past few weeks and you guys deserve the award for today's assembly. WELL DONE :D

Tuesday - Meet the teacher!

Thank you to the parents who took up their time to meet with me and it was a great way to get to know each other. I look forward to seeing you all and the rest of Tumanako 12 parents this year.

Miss Liu interaction with Taffiny and her mother.
Credit: Mr Vasau

Miss Liu talking to Envyleigh's Mother
Credit: Miss B 

Alongside with Meet the teacher, we also promoted the census 2018 coming up in March.

Team TUMANAKO promoting Census 2018 !!
Credit: Mr Vasau

Wednesday - Jump Jam

Every Wednesday afternoon we would have sports with Team TUMANAKO. Sadly, due to the aftermath of Cyclone Gita the weather was a bit all over the place. So, to keep the student's heart pumping our syndicate decided to gather at the hall to do some Jump Jam. Everyone was super excited and they had an awesome afternoon!

Buddy class with Tumanako 27 on a Friday morning. 

Tumanako 27 and 12 working on their Koru Art

We split ourselves into 5 even groups and did the Marshmallow challenge -  to make the tallest freestanding tower within 18 minutes using 20 straws, 1 metre of wool and tape and 1 marshmallow. The students found it challenging as they could not find a way to make the tower to stand on its own, since the tower was super TALL. So, as a class we collected the data by counting how many straws the students in each group have used and created a bar graph. 



  1. What an action pack blog for #Week4 with the #TUMANAKO12 and @RowandaleSchool ... really looking forward to come and have a look at your amazing #Mathematics work ...


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