On Monday morning we had our full school assembly, Team Tumanako have been practising since last week!!  Finally we have showcased our learning and performance of 'one day a taniwha'! Super proud of you all!

I would like to say a big congratulations to Liam Henry, Hazel Adams and Giang Le for receiving the RESPECT certificate this week! Well done guys you have shown me your respect for the past three weeks! Keep up with the good work :)

Also Dante Saifolau and Gardeeniah Makatoa for getting the caught being good certificate! You have done an awesome job throughout your learning journey for the past few weeks, keep flying! The rest of TUMANAKO 12 you guys rock!!

On Tuesday we have created our very own Chinese lanterns as part of our procedural writing.
The students enjoyed the making process and will start writing about it the following day.
the girls making their laterns

Hardworking students making their lanterns
Steaphen and Phoenix working quietly

Follow on from Tuesday we had our walk to the community library with Tumanako 14 and all of us were excited because we get to issue our favourite books and we were allowed to bring it back to school!!!!

Hazel found the book she wanted to read!
The boys enjoyed their time at the library
Jessica reading her book!

Tumanako 12 have looked after the library environment and have maintain their behaviour by using their PRIDE values. I am so proud of you guys!!


Tumanako 12 ready to play

Boston and Dante enjoyed their time playing ball games
The girls playing with the hula hoop
Tumanako 12 enjoyed their time at the pool!
( This makes up for their swimming lessons at school)


  1. What an ACTION-PACKED week, Tumanako 12!!! So many learning experiences this week that now has become exciting memories for you all.... especially our School event at Totara Park. Great to hear of you all showing your PRIDE values at our Public Library. Keep up the reading mileage ... very IMPORTANT!

  2. Thank you #Tumanako12 for sharing a blog about your week at @RowandaleSchool ... loving your photos or engaged students Remembering their PRIDE!

  3. love, love love seeing kids happy and smiley and this class has loads of them :) great job miss Liu


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