For the past few weeks, we have been learning about procedural writing. 

This week the students wrote about how to make jam/marmite sandwiches. Based on our mini topic healthy food, what is healthy and unhealthy food.

As a reward, I have treated TUMANAKO 12 some bread, strawberry jam and marmite so that they could follow their own written instructions on how to make their sandwiches.

Chris and Jessica making their strawberry jam sandwich
The girls munching away


  1. Yummy Jam sandwiches.... Miss B enjoys a jam sandwich now and then... especially on white bread! Great learning Tumanako 12 on the steps to make a Jam or Marmite sandwich which links into your writing focus - Procedural writing. Question ... What about Jam and marmite together as a sandwich... eek!!! Mmmmmm.... who dares to try?????

  2. Yum! Great learning Tumanako 12 what a awesome hands on activity. We wish we could do this in our class.

    Miss Parry and the Whakapono 17 team.


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