Last Week of Term One!

Monday - Tumanako Assembly 

Congratulations to Zeal and Mary Jane for getting a certificate today! 

Wednesday - End of term celebration 💥

Thank you to those parents who came in and join us, as we did some team building challenges and also thank you to the rest of the parents who brought in shared lunch but couldn't make it to the event!

Room 12 did the marshmallow challenge - to build the tallest free standing tower. Each group gets 20 straws, 1m string, a marshmallow and unlimited tape and this task needs to be completed within 18 minutes. This challenge got really competitive amongst parents and students! I was happy to see that each group worked together collaboratively! They all had a fun and eventful day :) 

Jessica's team - working together to create their tower!!!

Tauva's team - all students were doing their bits to stick everything!!


Gardeeniah's team - Congratulations for winning the challenge!!!


C-Jay's team - congratulations for winning the tallest tower.... however the tower didn't stand for long!!!! 

After that, we played a few fun team games such as 'grab the key' and 'bang'! GREAT TEAMWORK EVERYONE!!

At the end we had our shared lunch, the kids enjoyed it and ONCE AGAIN I would like to say a BIG thank you to the parents who came in and those who brought food for us! Hopefully you will come in again for another celebration :)

Last day of the term
We had a relaxing day, we did a bit of finishing off work and ended the day with a movie: Monster Inc 

Stay safe and have a good holiday break, see you all on 30th April 2018 !!


  1. So good to see all these parents coming in and spending time with you #Tumanako12 at @RowandaleSchool ... hope you all enjoy your holidays


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