Week 9

On Monday the school held a powhiri before whole school assembly to welcome the new students @ Rowandale School. I would like to say a BIG welcome to Caution Cumming, welcome to Rowandale and Tumanako 12!!

Congratulations to Mary-Jane and Taffiny for receiving an award for Monday's whole school assembly!

Thank you to the SKIDS team for giving all classroom an awesome gift! Tumanako 12 will take good care of it.




Tumanako 12 have enjoyed their Turbo Touch session!! Thank you for showing your PRIDE values to the coach, you guys rock! 😎


We are fortunate to have two special guests that came to our Duffy Role Model Assembly, you have inspired the children at Rowandale School that reading is important and without it you wouldn't be where you are today. So THANK YOU to Squadron Leader George and Shirley Barakuta! Congratulations to Giang Le for getting a certificate, awesome work!!

Duffy Box competition:
Although our class didn't win the competition, you guys did an amazing job decorating the Duffy box :) Congratulations to Tumanako 28 and Aroha 8 for winning it!!


We have an explorer in our class: 

Zeal the explorer found himself a caterpillar during morning tea play. He was super excited and did some amazing research about it.

Room 12 did some measurement in class and we used a range of different objects to measure the length of certain things in the classroom. For example we used the student's lunch boxes to measure the length of the classroom.


For a bit of fun in the class, we got each student to lie down from one end (door) to the other end (window) to measure the length of the class. The students enjoyed the lesson and learnt different ways to measure objects other than using a ruler. 😀 😀


  1. Awesome learning T12! T14 might have to verse you in turbo touch sometime!

  2. It’s so awesome to see students in #Tumanako12 bringing things they find outside the classroom into their learning ... I love #Sports and I hope you do Challenge #Tumanako14 in #TurboTouch


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