Every Wednesday the enviro team have rostered to pick up rubbish during lunch time. This week we have decided to use two rubbish bags when picking up the rubbish outside Rowandale School. We have classified the first bag as "waste" and the second bag as "recycle". 

Cara pointing to the "recycle" bag and Honey is holding onto the "waste" bag. Nora standing in the middle

The girls had found A LOT of rubbish around the area along with broken glasses. 

Thank you Nora, Cara and Honey! Awesome work and thank you for looking after the environment!!

Students need to be careful when walking to and from school, as there may be broken glasses lying around the street! Remember to wear your shoes!!


  1. I’m so proud of the #EnviroTeam at @RowandaleSchool for caring about the local community surrounding @RowandaleSchool ... can’t wait to see all the awesome work you guys do within our school too ...


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