Hi everyone,

Here's to another busy week with a lot of learning going on!

This term for our topic we have been focusing on 'Lost in Space'. In class we have worked on a lot about the solar system, planets, stars and the galaxy.

This week TEAM TUMANAKO went on a trip to Stardome where students get to develop further learning and knowledge about the solar system.

Tumanako 12 were super excited to go on a trip!
and so was Chris!

Students were fully listening to the facilitator talking about the solar system.

 All the students have learnt something from the trip and excited to see that they all want to do their own research about the solar system!!!


On Friday we had a whole school assembly and TEAM TUMANAKO was taking it! We shared our learning to the whole school about SOLO taxonomy and our topic 'Lost in Space'.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Envyleigh Rima for getting a certificate! Thank you for using your 'Empathy' in class and helping others on their learning!!!

It was also Staff Support Day and we thank all the teacher aides who have been helping us since the beginning of the year! On behalf of T12 I would like to say thank you to Mrs Clark (Dani) for being an awesome teacher aide in T12


T H A N K .    Y O U .     T E A C H E R .  A I D E S .  A N D .  S T A F F . M E M B E R S!

ALSO A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO Miss Zinck (A4), Miss Parry (W17), and Miss Heng (A7)! For your amazing achievements and officially graduated from university, you guys made it!! 👏👏👏👏👏


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Envyleigh for receiving the Empathy Award on being helpful to others in class. You are a special person! Love seeing the smile on Chris face... saids a thousands of words about his feelings travelling to Stardome! Awesome to see you blogging, Tumanako 12!

  2. Thank you #Tumanako12 for capturing these awesome events from the past week at @RowandaleSchool ... congrats to you too Miss Liu for graduating as well 👍👍


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