This week the enviro team had picked up rubbish outside of the school and along Rowandale Ave towards the round about. 
A W E S O M E     W O R K       G I R L S !

Heaven, Cara and Nora - amazing effort for looking after the community.

We have also received positive comments from the neighbours and the community as we were picking up rubbish. 

"That's very nice of you guys for cleaning the environment"
" WOW, it's amazing what you guys are doing for the community"
"Well done girls for keeping the environment clean and tidy"

There are a lot of rubbish out there so please try your best to throw away your rubbish in the bin. Avoid walking near broken glasses.

Here's a close up of what was in each bag:

The waste bag contains wrappers, gladwraps, chip bags, plastic bags, fruits and many more.

The recycling bag contains - broken glasses, paper bags, milk cartons, paper, cardboard, paper cups and many more.


  1. It’s really sad about the amount of rubbish out the front ... thank you @RowandaleSchool #EnviroTeam for keeping #ManurewaTidy

  2. THANK YOU Tumanako 12 for highlighting a concern at our concern.... it's EXTREMELY important that we work together to REDUCE rubbish in our school AS WELL AS ... BEING TIDY KIWIS at Rowandale School. A clear message has come through to ensure that we continue to reinforce with our students what goes into the recycling bin and what goes into our rubbish bins! GREAT REMINDER TUMANAKO 12!


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