Cook Island Language Week

Kia Orana!

Week 2 was Cook Island Language Week!

On Monday we had the Flag Ceremony to introduce the culture and a little bit of facts about Cook Island.
Friday's Tumanako girls performance!

Cook Island Flag
Cook Island Dance Members
The names of the 15 Islands in Cook Island

Tumanako 12 have been learning the Cook Island language and the National anthem. The students have enjoyed and was able to pronounce and sang beautifully every morning!

We also have been doing some printmaking as part of the Cook Island language week. We have been doing a lot of trial and error. At first we have used cardboard to create prints but it didn't work effectively and at the end we have made a Tivaevae.


Some of the students dressed up for Cook Island Language week!! 

On Wednesday our Team Tumanako did a lot of running! It was our first time doing the BEEP TEST and everyone had thoroughly enjoyed it!


Celebration day of Cook Island Language Week!!

The Cook Island Dance group had spent weeks and weeks of practise to showcase their talent and their effort!
It was great to see team Aroha, Tumanako and Whakapono performances! AMAZING DANCE PERFORMANCE!! Also the staff did an awesome job for their dance performance! It was a lovely way to end the week :)

Staff Performance
Whakapono girls
Aroha, Tumanako and Whakapono boys and girls dance group
Aroha team!!


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  2. #MeitakiMaata for this awesome blog #Tumanako12 ... your #CookIslandsLanguageWeek looked so much fun ... thank you @RowandaleSchool for your support this week #KiaManuia #Tevaevae #Videos #AwesomePhotos


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