TREATs Day and LAST Day of SCHOOL!


On Thursday Team TUMANAKO had an eventful day at school. ALL students have worked really hard since the beginning of term 1 and as a reward we have treated the kids with fun activities! 

T12 kicked off with tabloid games: three legged race, wheelbarrow challenge, hula hoop challenge and we wrapped up with a game of cat and mouse!

Second activity: Basketball/ Shoots!

We ended the day with a shared lunch and a dance party!

CLASS OF 2018! 

Friday: Final whole school assembly for 2018. 
Team WHAKAPONO (year 6) have shared their final experience with us before they head off to their new journey!

FINAL CERTIFICATES FOR THE YEAR: Congratulations to Rangi for receiving the caught being good award and C-Jay [absent] for receiving the Integrity award.  

Thank you Tumanako 12 for being an awesome bunch! YOU have made my first year of teaching memorable. I will never forget about y'all. I wish you all a safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! All the best for 2019!! 

Class of 2018 💖

Rowandale Staff would like to wish everyone a safe Merry Christmas! 💖💖 All the best for 2019.