What a Fantastic Week

                                                     Tumanako 12 awesome dry ice experiment ! 

As a class we have discussed whether a solid (object) could dissolve into gas (object). There was a huge debate and discussion within the class. The students had to do some research to figure out the answer and the following day we did an experiment on it. The students were fascinated - when putting dry ice into warm water, the water began to bubble and steam starts to come out of the beaker. 

As you were aware that touching dry ice is very dangerous. Don't worry! It was safe for the kids to touch the steam!!

Since summer is coming up, our classroom has been super duper warm and hardly any wind coming through!! Luckily Tip Top has given Rowandale School FREE ICE BLOCK!! T12 was super stoked about it! 


Congrats to MARY JANE NGAU for getting an award for our weekly tumanako team assembly! Thank you for being an awesome student in T12, you have worked really hard and I am proud of you!

Friday Assembly!

Congratulations to Boston for receiving the caught being good award and Jorge for receiving the respect award for this week's whole school assembly! There was also another special award and that goes to Zeal for 100% attendance in 2018!! AWESOME EFFORT ZEAL!

ONE more thing, well done to Hazel for winning Bronze in Most Improved on Reading Eggs in the whole school! Taffiny for winning Gold in Most Improved on Mathletics! Medals will be given out to you guys sometime this coming week :) Well done girls!!